Friday, July 2, 2010

In Which I Prove I Am Not A Procrastinator

Y'all, I'm not very good at this whole time thing. Surprise. Oh this paper was due yesterday/last year? My bad. Church doesn't start at 1:15? Weird! Being late to work every single day isn't a good idea? Why didn't someone say something!

BUT. I'm about to prove all you naysayers wrong, for yesterday while waiting for World of Color at DCA to start I planned for three deadlines--seven weeks from now, five months from now, and a year from now. That's right, I've started planning for something that is over a year from now! I officially win the internet! Right? It gets even better--these plans are AWEsome.

1-August 24: release of Mockingjay. We have yet to find a bookstore near us that's doing a midnight release party (let's start a petition! a revolt! a sit in!) so we're going to dress up, get there first thing when they open, and then have Hannah's read-a-thon themed birthday party. I was going to find a tunic of some kind and wear that with my brown leggings and awesome brown boots, but then I found this post and really like the pants/shirt/jacket look. But I'm keeping my boots. I lurve them.2-November 19: Harry Potter Seven part 1!! There aren't very many things better than dressing up for Harry Potter events. (Point of fact, I just realized this is my second Harry Potter post in a row...and I don't even care. I post so seldom, be grateful for what you get!) Last year's excursion to see Half-Blood Prince was probably the third greatest night of last summer (don't get me started on nights one and two...STEAMROLLER!) Here's photographic evidence:

Amazing, right? How could we possibly top this? We have Bellatrix, Voldemort, Pansy Parkinson, a random Gryffindor, Tonks, Rita Skeeter, Moaning Myrtle, Luna, and Prof. Trelawney! Fear not, dear readers, you won't be let down. Right now the plan is to dress up as members of Bill/Fleur's wedding party and various guests. Dress robes! Wedding dresses! Secret signs! Maybe even a lynx! I've already called that I get to be Fleur (no battle) so the hunt is on for a tall hot man who won't mind us drawing scars on his face.

3-July 15 2010: Harry Potter Seven part 2! The theme of this release party is going to be Epic Final Battles. Hannah and I are definitely doing Mrs. Weasley vs. Bellatrix, but we can't decide who should be who. Vote in the comments! Also, we have a killer idea for Neville vs. Nagini. Let's just say we're going to be visiting a lot of carnival games to try to win a wrap-around plush snake...

Seriously, guys, I've impressed myself here. We made all these plans LAST NIGHT and I blogged about them TODAY. It's like I'm growing up before your very eyes.


jkribbit said...

Way to be a grown-up and all responsible!!! So proud. :) Um, I have a stuffed animal snake that would wrap around someone... there is a squeaker in the mouth and it's name is Sylvester Morton Hobble. It's neon yellow and green. I wrote a poem about it in high school. I'm really, really cool. I'm just saying... Do I get invited to the festivities if I bring my snake?

laurenlou said...

Only if you post your poem on your blog. Then it's a DEFINITE YES.

jkribbit said...